About us


I never imagined a cardboard box could mimic the healing powers of the human heart.

Especially as I lay on the couch with two children, all of us miserably ill. Of course, my husband was away on a business trip, and my family lived (at that time) hundreds of kilometres away. Between runny noses, feverish and fitful sleep, and around the clock children’s television programs, I had a lightbulb moment: If only I had a care package containing everything I needed to feel better.

As soon as was I back on my feet I began boxing up an assortment of my favourite brands, treasured items and rescue remedies ready for the wonderful or woefully unpredictable moments life throws at us.


I’m Sarah, founder of Feel Better Box.

And I help people throughout Australia feel, well… better. Appreciated. Supported. Closer to one another. Full of joy. Recognised. A little bit rock-star. But most importantly, loved.

From pregnancy survival kits, medleys to mitigate man-flu, pick-me-up parcels to defeat the doldrums, hospital stay hampers or corporate gift boxes tied with a bow (in your brand’s colours, no less) you’ll find a gift hamper to suit every need. And if I can’t fit it in a box? My feel-better services including massage, counselling, reiki, naturopathy – even cancer support services - are on standby.


Because we all deserve to feel better.

Whether you’re across town or on the other side of the world, Feel Better Box bridges the gap between friends, family, colleagues and loved ones.

I’ll never forget the primary school class who rallied around their classmate. Their dad was diagnosed with the final stages of cancer a few weeks shy of Christmas.

Or the woman supporting ex-military service people suffering post-traumatic stress disorder. Her care package was a ray of light during someone’s darkest days inside a psych hospital.

And the personal assistant who knew that “Thank you”, “We’re here for you”, and “You’re all kinds of awesome” was better said than with just another bunch of flowers.


Australia’s best gift hampers – and even better service.

The care that goes into selecting the beautiful and oh-so-useful items in the Feel Better Box range is matched by the heart-warming service. All items are sent express, no exceptions. I phone hospitals to check deliveries arrive safely, and yes, I’ve even bundled my kids into the car to meet postage collection deadlines so cold and flu boxes arrive the next day. When you’re on a mission to help people feel connected, loved and supported, there are no cutting corners.

But it’s not just me, or your recipient who is hit with the warm and fuzzies when a surprise hamper arrives on their doorstep. It’s you, too.

Because when you help someone feel better? You give the gift of making the world a better place.


Let me deliver it for you.