CLOSED until 5th January 2019

Thank you for visiting, there is nothing we enjoy more then helping your loved ones Feel Better. This year we have closed a little earlier then usual. For more details, please visit our shipping page. Hopefully we can help you in the New Year. Merry Christmas




CLOSED - Until 5th January 2019

Thanks for stopping by. We have closed a little earlier then usual this year. We love nothing more then to help your loved ones feel better but this year our family is flying back to the UK to help my Granddad feel better. We hope we can help you in the future. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year. Take Care, Sarah x


Express Delivery Australia Wide!

Feel Better Box specialises in gifts to help people 'Feel Better.' Whether it be if they are going through a hard time, you'd like to send your sympathies or Get Well Soon gifts. We know you want to show a loved one you are thinking of them and you also want to help them recover quickly.

We love to send care packages on your behalf. We understand how it feels to be far away and feel helpless when someone is unwell and going through a tough time, that's exactly why we started Feel Better Box. We have care packages for the following situations when you just want to help:


- Injury (Boredom Beaters and Entertainment Packs)

- Sympathy Gift Hampers

- Not Feeling Themselves

- Hospital Hampers

- Cheer up Hampers

- Entertainment Care Packages

- Care packages to Soothe the Soul

- Cold and Flu

- Pregnancy

- Children's Care Packages