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Feel Better Box specialises in gifts to help people 'Feel Better.' Whether it to be if they are going through a hard time or Get Well Soon gifts. We know you want to you show a loved one you are thinking of them and also help with their recovery.

We love to send care packages on your behalf to help a loved one feel better. We understand how it feels to be far away and feel helpless when someone is unwell and going through a tough time, thats exactly why we started Feel Better Box. We have care packages for the following situations when you just want to help:

- Injury (Boredom Beaters and Entertainment Packs)

- Not Feeling Themselves

- Hospital Hampers

- Cheer up Hampers

- Entertainment Care Packages

- Care packages to Soothe the Soul

- Cold and Flu

- Help Mums Feel Better for everything they have done for you ;)

- Pregnancy

- Children's Care Packages