Policies & Returns


We do not offer a refund unless there are damaged or broken goods. However sometimes we can make a snap decision and regret it. We have all been there. We will base each refund decision on a case by case basis. However we are human and so are you, sometimes highly sleep deprived or half occupied with our children. Rest assured, we're only here to help you. 


Out of Stock

From time to time we or our suppliers run out of stock - mainly because we use small boutique businesses. Or in some cases our suppliers stop producing a certain product. In this instance we replace either with a different colour or a suitable substitute item. We are in the process of photographing our boxes to incorporate the change in products we've recently experienced due to end the suppliers ending the product line. These products are:

Brauer Lip Butter - Now replaced with MooGoo Cows Lick Lip Balm

Soma Bites Bars - Now replaced with Pure Good Bars - Cacao & Orange 

Bonds Slipper Socks - Different Colours then pictured

Happy Socks - Difference colours from time to time