Meet the team

Sarah Willmott - Owner of Feel Better Box


Meet the team helping people feel better with Australia’s best gift hampers



With her trademark “can-do” attitude and an abundance of positive energy, Sarah Willmott is a woman on a surprisingly simple mission: help people feel better with Australia’s best gift hampers.

The effervescent founder of Feel Better Box lovingly curates care packages, gift hampers and health and wellness services that are a welcomed (and longer lasting) alternative to flowers. From sleep remedies, soothing skin lotions, herbal teas and Happy Socks, Sarah’s Feel Better Box gift hampers are the perfect antidote for any occasion – pregnancy, motherhood, hospital stays, pick-me-ups, corporate gifts and even the dreaded man-flu.

Launched to acclaim in 2015, Sarah’s business has already helped hundreds of people feel better connected, supported, recognized and celebrated. In turn, so too has her dedication and professional achievements, being crowned Emerging AusMumpreneur runner-up in the 2017 AusMumpreneur Business Awards.

When Sarah’s not sending heart-warming gift hampers out into the world, you’ll find her living life to the fullest with her young family, enjoying the simple pleasures of a good book, a glass of wine and a movie, or dreaming up new ways to make the world a better place.

Sarah lives in Melbourne, Australia.





Ever wanted to clone yourself so your day could run all that much faster and smoother? Enter Christine, Sarah’s mum. The linchpin of Feel Better Box when Sarah’s away or snowed under, Christine steps in to personally write the beautiful gift card messages sent with every care pack. In the same way that Christine’s always been at the ready with a mum-knows-best secret potion, lotion or heartfelt advice for her kids, she’s equally passionate about caring for Feel Better Box customers.




Think an urgent order at 3pm on a Friday afternoon will have Colin in a flap? He’ll have it packaged, addressed and in the post before sundown. Ever the optimist, Colin can turn any problem into an opportunity, takes on any and every request, and wields a glue gun like nobody’s business. If he’s not working on a new project, he’s spending time with his grandchildren (so their mum can keep smashing out her business goals) and quietly tallying his votes for Grandad of the year.




Sarah’s sister, Leanne, is a ray of sunshine – and an extra set of hands - supporting Colin and Christine when Sarah steps away from the business to focus on her family, or on the days the world needs a little more love and light than usual and orders are coming in thick and fast. With her “keep calm and carry on” mantra, Leanne is Sarah’s go-to girl for business advice and feedback, and - just as importantly - Sarah’s movie date every Tuesday. (Life’s for living, right?!)