If you have a loyal client who is feeling under the weather, or maybe you’d like to show your employees how much you value their wellbeing, or perhaps you’d simply like to surprise a colleague who has recently become a new parent, we can tailor a Feel Better Box to meet your needs. 

    Whatever type of care package you would like to custom, please get in touch and I’ll be sure to listen to your needs to create a beautiful and thoughtful Feel Better Box.


    2020/21 have been the years of corporate orders and for more reasons than you might think. We have been humbled to send care packages to teams from national department stores, Insurance companies, Health Companies, Digital marketing teams, Accountants and so much more. It has been such an incredible experience to help so many on such large scales from full companies to whole teams across Australia. 

    Feel Better Box Corporate Box Example

    Reasons for sending out team and company wide care packages so far:

    - Boost moral whilst everyone works from home.

    - Easter and to say thank you for everyone adapting to the new normal

    - End of Project thank you

    - Mindfulness care packages to look after the teams wellbeing

    - Thank you for working so hard on a project that's just wrapped

    - The Original (cold & flu) care packages to a full team

    - End of financial year gifts

    - Cheer up team gifts

    - Fun and thank you 

     And so much more. I have been lucky enough to work with corporations I never dreamt possible. Sending thousands of care packages to employees has been one of the most satisfying elements of Feel Better Box. It warms my heart to see so many bosses and directors looking out for their staff when mental health is in the balance.


    Corporate RU OK Day and Mental Health Awareness Day

    Looking to send your team some Mindful and wellbeing care packages this year? Please get in touch and we can customise a beautiful, useful and thoughtful care package tailored to your needs. 

    Samples of our corporate care packages are: