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Feel Better Box has been featured in a number of online publications since the business began in 2016:


In the Media - Feel Better Box

In March 2022, Sarah was interviewed by AusBiz Media, the Australian business magazine for those going places. Sarah discussed how a simple cold led to a booming business. She also talked about the launch of her sock brand, Joode.

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Chronic UTI Australia Inc.  

Feel Better Box is a sponsor of Chronic UTI Australia Inc. are donate $2 from every order to ensure CUTI continues to help support Australian's suffering from UTI's. It's not surprising that they asked to interview Sarah regarding her experiences with UTIs. 

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Feel Better Box - Telstra Smarter Business - Telstra Smarter Business

What an honour to be approached by Telstra for an interview re productivity and technology! Sarah discusses the technology she has used over the past few years to upscale her business.

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Feel Better Box on Weekend Today- Weekend Today

The Covid-19 Lockdowns have been a difficult time for so many people. For Sarah' it's been an opportunity to help people connect with their loved ones. It's been beautiful to see the hearts of Victorians and those with loved ones in Victoria who are wanting to support each other in any way they can. 

See Sarah's segment on Today Weekend here.


Feel Better Box Podcast with Simply Smarter Numbers- Simple Smarter Numbers - The Podcast

Feel Better Box | The Melbourne Business That Increased Sales by 400% in 5 Months in 2020 Despite Covid-19 Lockdowns

Imagine increasing your sales by 400% in a 5 month period. As amazing as that sounds, imagine then how it feels when you do it in the middle of a pandemic. Then imagine doing it all while living smack bang in the centre of Australia’s harshest of lockdowns – in the city of Melbourne.  

That’s exactly what Sarah Wilmott from Feel Better Box did. After 4 years of chipping away and growing her business slowly (but surely), Feel Better Box finally grew up – almost overnight. 

Listen to the podcast here.


Gift Box - Feel Better Box - She Does This - She Does This - 10 self care essentials at home

No. 7 on Jordy Lucas' list of self care esentials is Send a Gift to a Friend. And Jody loves Feel Better Box! Read more here.


New Mum Hamper - Feel Better Box - Bounty Parents- Bounty Parents

6 of the best modern hamper gifts to spoil new mums

The Feel Better Box New Mum Recovery Care Package is listed here.


Feel Better Box listed with Business Chicks- Business Chicks - 12 Mother's Day Gift Ideas 

It's an honour for Feel Better Box to have been included on this list of inspring female-owned businesses. Take a look at the great products these business offer for Mother's Day gifts here


Gift Box - Feel Better Box - Business Chicks- Business Chicks - Premium Member Holiday Gift Guide

Business Chicks showcases female-owned businesses with a great range of gifts from their Premium members, including Feel Better Box. Take a look here.


Feel Better Box - BizCover- BizCover Article

The Best Thing Dad Told Me About Business

Sarah Willmott and five other business owners share the best words of wisdom passed on by their dads. Read more here


Feel Better Box - Pedestrian - Pedestrian Article

An Entrepreneur Tells Us How They Turned Their Botched Business Idea Into A Success Story

Sarah explains how she failed in creating a business but managed to bounce back with Feel Better Box, turning it into a thriving business. Read more here


Feel Better Box - Cure Collective - Cure Collective - 5 tips from successful side hustlers

Five 'side hustlers' including Sarah, are each interviewed for their number one tip for turning their side hustle into their full time jobs. Read more here


Feel Better Box Interview with AusMumpreneur- AusMumpreneur - Ambassador Feature

Sarah was voted 2017 Silver Winner - Emerging AusMumpreneur of the Year. In this interview she explains her inspiration for the business, point of difference and much more. Read more here.


Feel Better Box - Anthill - Anthill Online

Feel Better Box's nomination was chosen for the Smart 100, focussing on innovative businesses. Read more here.


Hamper - Feel Better Box - Urban List - Urban List

Feel Better Box is listed under Mother's Day Gifts & Flowers. See article here.


Get Well Soon Gifts - Feel Better Box - The Mighty- The Mighty - Gifts Your Injured Loved Ones Can Enjoy

Great ideas on gifts that can help people when recovering from injury. Feel Better Box gets a mention, see here.


Feel Better Box Interview with Self Start Mums- Self-Start Mums with the founder of Feel Better Box

Self-Start Mums interviews Sarah to find out how she started out, a typical working day and future plans for the business. To find out more read here.


Feel Better Box - My Deal- MyDeal Article

How to Help Someone Feel Better From Afar

MyDeal highlights some amazing stats about the number of people living far away from their loved ones and how Feel Better Box is a great way to show you care. Read more here


Care Package - Feel Better Box - Northamptonshire Mums & Kids- Northamptonshire Mums and Kids - Guest Blog

Sarah writes about what to put in a care package. Read the article here.


Feel Better Box - CBNation - CBNation Article

25 Entrepreneurs Explain Wy They Started Their Business

Tip #7 is from Sarah. To find out what inspired Sarah to start her own business, read here


Feel Better Box - Inner West Mums- Inner West Mums - Getting to know... Sarah Willmott

Feel Better Box is a unique and thoughtful care package service. It’s there for all those times when you want to send a little love or a wellbeing boost someone’s way to show them that they’re in your thoughts. Read more here.


Feel Better Box - Women's Business School- Women's Business School

Why Surrounding Yourself with Inspiring People Helps You Become One

Sarah, herself, has written this article. It gives great insight into how she originally came up with her business idea and what helped her to implement it. Read more here.


Feel Better Box - Flower Delivery Reviews

- Flower Delivery Online: Best Hampers in Sydney



Famously known for their Opera House, Sydney is one of Australia’s biggest cities and holds to be one of the best tourist spots in the world. The city is so alive with people and sights to see that there’s more than enough gift boxes for every occasion in any season. See details here.


Feel Better Box - B&T- B&T

B&T curates a series of events and awards each year. One of them was Spotcap Australia's 'Yes is More!' competition. Sarah was placed second. Read more here.


Feel Better Box - Shortpress  - ShortPress Article

Four inspiring entrepreneurs who made it big after being let go

ShortPress publishes small business information and insights. They were impressed enough include Sarah Willmott in this article even though her business was relatively new at this stage. Read more here.



- The 14 Shops for the Best Gift Delivery in Sydney

Don’t know how to find great gift selections with affordable prices and delivery fees? Well, you can now relax as we already narrowed down your options, giving you some of the local shops known for having the best gift delivery in Sydney!  Read more here.