Updated Men's Care Packages and Gifts

New and Improved Men's Care Packages and Gifts

In the retail world nothing stays the same. Businesses close, stock is discontinued, and some of our care packages don't have the success we expected. Then there's the interest rates, let's not even get started on that...

As a result we're constantly curating and changing the items in our boxes. I guess it's a little like having a shop front, you need to change the display every now and then. 

So this brings me to the classiest men's boxes we've had ever! We still have plenty of the old favourites but you might like to cast your eyes over these special care packages.


Men's Hospital Hamper - Feel Better Box

 Men's Hospital Hamper

A men's care package designed to help someone pass the days in hospital, with a fun game, crosswords to exercise the brain, a treat and some luxury care items help him relax. 



The Ultimate Entertainer - Feel Better Box

The Ultimate Entertainer

Designed for a longer term recovery, though this package would be good to receive at any time. If he hasn't read The Thursday Murder Clubnow's the time. It's quirky and funny and a easy way to past away the time. The games and books are all high quality and will last the recover and beyond.


Men's Hospital Get Well Soon - Feel Better Box

Men's Hospital Get Well Soon

Would you like to treat him to some luxury items while in hospital? The al.ive Hair & Body Travel Pack combines product purity with designer aesthetics. The mini trial-sized packs are practical for a hospital stay. At the same time the exotic combination of White Tea & Argan Oil and Sea Cotton & Coconut feel so luxuriant.  


His Recovery Care Package - Feel Better Box

His Recovery Care Package

Some of the old faves but in a new combination and some new look packaging. This package works well for recovery time at home when he needs to treat himself and his senses. The Bloke Soak will work wonders!


Men's Pick Me Up Box - Feel Better Box

Men's Pick Me Up Box

A care package filled with items he'll love. He's taken care off from his feet to his tummy! The Native Man Wash + Shave and the Moisturiser + Aftershave will make sure he also smells nice. :)



Men's Mini Hamper - Feel Better Box

Men's Mini Hamper

A mini care package that covers all the bases. From skincare to entertainment and of course, most importantly, his tummy. There's nothing like a bit of deliciously creamy chocolate to make him happy.


Beer Lover's Pack - Feel Better Box

Beer Lover's Pack

The perfect excuse to crack open a cold when and spend some time learning all about beers, lagers, pilsners and ales. And if that's not enough, there's plenty of other entertainment in the box. Play on your own or with friends.


Gin Lover's Pack - Feel Better Box

Gin O'Clock (with a twist of puzzle)

Is it time for a G&T yet? No? Then give him this box with a beautifully illustrated jigsaw puzzle. He'll learn fun facts about gin, trivia about food and drink and maybe even hold a games night, when he's ready.


Would you like to see more Men's care packages?

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