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The Blossom Program

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About The Blossom Program 

Written by health and fitness professional and adolescent counsellor, Hayley Roper, The Blossom Program is the perfect program for parents and children looking for education and insight into how adolescents can overcome the typical challenges they face, with ease and positivity.

The Blossom Program is a 17-module course, delivered in book format, which guides readers through some of life’s challenges in an informative, positive and interactive way. The Blossom Program empowers young people to act with integrity, follow their dreams, surround themselves with the right people and to live happy, healthy and positive lives. It also deals with tips and tactics to combat bullying, navigate social media, peer-pressure, and positive body image and self-acceptance with integrity and empowerment. 

The Blossom Program offers a space for readers to interact with the program by journaling their answers to questions within the modules. It’s the perfect book to educate and comfort those looking to better themselves and deal with life’s ups and downs.