Emotional Release Therapist

Peace Passion Power

Name of business: Peace Passion Power

Contact: Penelope Grandy                   Phone: 0434552704

Address: Brisbane and via Internet      Email: penny@peacepassionpower.com

Website: https://www.peacepassionpower.com/

Do you know someone suffering with emotional pain, fear or recovering from trauma? Are they experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, depression, PTSD, rage, shame, guilt, fears or phobias? Perhaps they are smoking, gambling or drinking too much? I can help. At Peace Passion Power, I assist people to completely release the triggers that create these issues in only three sessions using the cutting edge, safe and very effective technique, The Richards Trauma Process. It’s no longer necessary to suffer for years, spending thousands of dollars in therapy. Relief is at hand, a quick, gentle and empowering way. For a complimentary 15-minute consultation or more information visit our website address.