Feel Better Services

Feel Better Box has been in business a little over 18months now! And within this time we have sent out over 400 care packages to help Australia Feel Better. One day we thought, if we knew we could give our giftees that little more, what would it look like? And that's when our services directory was born. 

It did originally have just one merry listing of Mayday Mummy from back when we started out, because as a parent with no family within the same state as us - they are an invaluable service for trusted and reliable people who can look after your children should anything happen to you.

But I see now, that I can offer so much more. I can list services such as 'Recover from Injury' who are there to support you or your loved ones when you suddenly cannot walk or adjust to a new life and chapter. Or an Energy Healer who can work with you and your soul to enable you to heal like no other way. Or a life coach to get you back on track and love your life and your self once again.

I hope you find these listings incredibly useful and inspiring. No matter how bad you might be feeling right now, there is always a way of feeling better.