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Caring Energetic Healing 

Contact: Lisa Ohtaras                                Mobile: 0424 957 779

Address: Strathfield South NSW 2136        Email: lisa@caringenergetichealing.com

Website: www.caringenergetichealing.com 


My name is Lisa Ohtaras and I am an Energy Healer, Spiritual Educator and Intuitive Guide.

The modalities I work with include Energy Clearing, Reiki, Angelic Healing and Crystal Therapy.

The work I facilitate clears energy blocks in the aura, the chakras, and the physical body relating to the past, (including past lives) and the present. I also assist people to understand why afflictions or health challenges exist.

Energy healing can assist in alleviating the symptoms being experienced, with the potential to clear the issue/s at a cellular level.

If a person is seeking to feel better, more peaceful, confident, energised and/or more loving towards one's self and other people, energy healing offers the potential for wellness and balance.