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Contact name: Gracielle Melim       Address: 8, Bligh Place – Randwick – 2031

Contact: | 0404 044 471

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Kinesiology is a non-invasive natural therapy that treats pains & aches, fatigue, depression, anxiety, emotional stress, digestive issues, fertility issues, relationship issues, weight problems, ailments and much more. The focus is on finding and alleviating the causes behind the symptoms that are causing imbalances. Once the cause is identified through muscle testing, different processes on a mental, emotional, physical and biochemical levels are used to remove the related stresses and the body and mind are free to heal.

Kinesiology is for anyone who is seeking to improve their experience of life by achieving goals whether it be in finances, health, career, relationships, learning, sports, ailments, coping with life in general or promote health and well-being.

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Generation Wellness Australia

Contact: Catherine Christoforatos              Phone: 0424603658

Location: Brisbane but can get you oils wherever you are!

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Generation Wellness Australia is a hub for advice, information, support and services re all aspects of growing a healthy family and healthier, happier YOU. Talk to Catherine for everything you need to know about being healthier and happier with essential oils - she loves to connect and share - whether you need to detox your home, your body, or improve emotional wellbeing, she'd love to help!

Also trained in Aromatic-Kinesiology, Catherine brings together traditional eastern acupressure points, essential oils and kinesiology this is an incredibly powerful and yet gentle technique which uncovers the root cause of an issue and brings release. Truly amazing healing.