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Name of business: Kate Powe Natural Medicine 

Contact: Kate Powe                      Phone: +614 04 120 155

Address: 11 Soldiers Ave Freshwater NSW 2096 

Email:           Website address:

Kate is a qualified Naturopath who loves helping women rebalance their hormonal cycle and live a more connected, joyful and purpose-filled life. Working from a biochemical, genetic and epigenetic perspective, Kate blends evidence-based and traditional medicine with mind-body philosophy to heal hormonal imbalances, increase energy, restore mental and emotional clarity and rediscover the innate power within. 

She offers several personalised programs via Skype from her home-clinic on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, ranging from an Online 7-Day Period Fixer Program up to the 6-month Hormone Intensive Program. She is also the creater of PoweHer Potions, an range of energetic essences to help women work with the power of their hormonal cycle.

Intuitive Health Feel Better Services

Intuitive Health

Contact Name: Gabriella Ratner          Email -     

Phone number: 0425 262 144             Website address - 

Blog site is

Are you anxious, Depressed or overly stressed?  Are you constantly bloated or experiencing embarrassing digestion issues?

Do you find the only thing you have the energy for at the end of the day is to curl up on the couch and watch TV?

I can help you get back on track so you can overcome these and many other health issues you may be experiencing,. Through my personal  health journey, I have completely renewed my life – I am living a life of holistic health and I knew from that moment on, that my mission was to help others find their own path toward this life of vitality and well-being.



Inspired Health by Dee 

Contact: Denise Harvey                          Email:

Address: 5/88 Mountian Street. Ultimo.  Website:

Denise is a qualified Naturopath, Personal Trainer, Tea Blender and all round health coach. She works with women to tap into their femininity, their energy, their health, fitness and vitality. She has a particular interest in fat loss, hormonal imbalances including endometriosis and sports nutrition.

Because being fit and healthy is about so much more than going to the gym and starving yourself on some crazy diet. Her mission is to educate and empower women to learn more about their bodies and finally take control of their own health journey.

She is available for consultations in her clinic in Ultimo. She is also the creator of Inspired Health by Dee Tea range which was designed specifically for tired, stressed and busy women.