The Friendly Psychologist

Contact: Jacqui Manning       Phone: 02 9555 8806

Address: Darling Street Health, 1/51 Darling Street East Balmain NSW 2041

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We all know how to walk and run however many of us see a personal trainer to help maximise our potential and work through any blocks.  So it is when you see a psychologist,  only you're working on your mind and heart.  If you've got a relationship problem, are dealing with too much stress or the constant juggle makes you anxious, it's a good idea to reach out and learn some tools to help handle the load.  

One fantastic tool is  meridian tapping. Tapping - a form of psychological acupuncture that originated as EFT - is one of the core tools Jacqui uses because it's simple, effective and everyone can do it. She's been using and teaching it since 1999 making her one of the most experienced practitioners in Australia. Great results can be achieved with regular tapping for a whole range of things - anxiety, work stress, achieving life goals, physical pain and more!