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Australian Centre for Clinical Reiki

Contact: Bridget Erica | Arwen Bardsley

Address: Elwood | Yarraville | Carlton

Phone: 0421 044 653           Website:

The Australian Centre for Clinical Reiki (ACCR) is an organisation that delivers its complementary therapy to those going through or recovering from illness or injury, through the application of Clinical Reiki.  ACCR practitioners work alongside medical practitioners to improve the comfort and wellbeing of patients, using Reiki - a non-invasive energy healing technique – in tailored treatment plans.  The ACCR’s Clinical Reiki approach is beneficial for stress reduction, pain relief, improved quality of life and reduction of recovery times. Clinical Reiki is a complementary therapy that works effectively alongside different treatment procedures such as chemotherapy, surgery or radiotherapy and does not have any side effects or contraindications.