30,000 Orders

I have recently shared the highs and lows of the past seven years of Feel Better Box. Today I wanted to share a high! Because we should *always* celebrate the wins, no matter the shape or size.

We have just tipped over 30,000 orders. Which seems quite surreal when my ultimate goal was to cover the cost of childcare. Having a little dig in the depths of my online systems - the 30,000 doesn't include the 13,000+ bulk orders we sent out during the lockdown months. I can't even begin to imagine those months because they are just a blur. I suspect it is as a coping meachinsm that I can't remember the amount of times we were locked down and for how many months over two years. But my heart knows it and it was a lot. It was 13,000 bulk orders a lot. 

I was curious to see what the numbers looked like pre and post the outbreak. In case you are too, I looked them up:

Pre Jan 2020 we sent out just over 6,000 care packages in 4 years.

Post outbreak (since January 2020), we have sent 24,000 plus the 13,000 during the lockdown months.

Sitting down and actually looking at the numbers - which is in all honesty the first time I have done so - it's quite overwhelming. I knew it at the time, it felt like a lot but when you are just swimming swimming swimming, there is no time to comprehend.

So there you go, the idea that choose me, lined me up to be in the absolute right place at the right time. Life has slowed down a notch in the past few months and at first it was devastating. But now the dust has settled, I'm ok not to be running at 10,000 miles an hour. I'm ok with exactly where I am meant to be, and that is right here.

2023 looks set to be another *different* year as they have each been. I go back to solo running the business from most elements of it (thankfully Susie who has been with me since 2019 isn't going anywhere), but *always* with the people who have my back and help - my family. 

The one thing I always wished when I started Feel Better Box, was to be known as the go-to for Care Packages in Australia. I am getting closer to that goal every day I can feel it.