Where it all began

Feel Better Box first came about after my children caught something quite special and they lovingly passed it on to me, so I could join in the fun. And it just so happened to be when my husband was on a business trip to Melbourne, leaving three sick people behind in Sydney with the flu (quite frankly, I don’t blame him). All my friends have children, my neighbours are nurses (great to call on in an emergency but they really didn’t need to catch the flu from us) and my family are in different states. So misery hung over me like a moody dark cloud whilst we alternated between watching My Little Pony (my daughter’s choice) and Thomas the Tank Engine (my son’s favoured choice).

Once the fog lifted and my husband returned and we could all get off the sofa, I had a light bulb moment: If no one was there to help us or look after us, a box full of everything we could need would have helped me no end and filled my heart with joy.

I, for one, love receiving gifts in the post – who doesn’t? Especially when they are a surprise. And what could be better than a surprise care package in the mail when you’re under the weather? And that’s just the way it happened – I got sick, I got better, I started Feel Better Box.

I really hope you love it. I hope you send a box, or are lucky enough to receive one. I hope either sending or receiving one, makes you feel better in some way. And if my boxes dont quite fit what you’re looking for, just let me know and we can come up with a good plan.

You can say you love someone or that you’re thinking of them in so many ways, and I hope Feel Better Box is a good option to help you do just that.

From one Mummy to the rest of Australia, I really would love to make you all feel better x