A day in the life of me – a Wife, a Mum and a Small Business Owner

Small Business owner holding her free boost juice


Lets go with today - Monday:

Wake up around 5:30am – purely because that’s when my eldest daughter wakes up (she’s the kid who goes to bed at 6:30pm or 8:30pm and still wakes at 5:30am – insert crying eyeballs face) 

5:45am – Give in and check emails and facebook and Instagram under the covers.

6am – Open laptop and clear some work for my ‘other job – the one that pays the bills……. Actually no, it actually just covers the two days my kids go to daycare a week. But anyways. 

7am – kids are hungry – pancakes are the current item of favour, I don’t mind. Put first load of laundry in.

8am – receive an order with a query. I reply, pack box, write card, tie bow and it’s ready. Take photo of a giveaway box I am doing with a large business (excited dance) and send it out to the super awesome digital marketing girl (damn she is nice – I wouldn’t mind her being my friend if we ever meet in person) Put first load of washing in dryer, put next load of washing in the washing machine.

9am – Put kids in the bath with a thousand little people toys because my son refuses to get into the bath unless he has something that shouldn’t be in the bath – in the bath. I also shower, get out, wash kids and try and do something productive whilst they’re splashing away. Get kids out, manage to talk my son into using the potty before his usual post bath wee on the floor. I take this as a small win. So does he and his sister who then ask for their treat.

10am – Dryer is finished, put next load of washing in dryer and add next load into washing machine. Damn my life is exciting. Meanwhile, my kids seem to have taken out every single toy they own in every room in our apartment.

10:45am – We are going to be late for my daughters Ballet class (she’s 4.5) I take one hesitant look around the apartment before shutting the door and see cups, plates, toys, laundry, the broom in the middle of the floor, banana skins and Mega blocks.

10:55am – I make it on time. No, actually I seem to be late to Ballet – I really need to find out what the actual time it starts……. It’s open day so I can rest my sprained ankle (fell down the steps in the dark, in driveway without my phone last week - now that's another story) and am thankful I don’t have to make 35mins roundtrip race down to the park and back with my son. Small blessings. 

11:45am - Go to the park.

2:45am – Leave the park.

3:30pm – Arrive at the post office to send the mornings order express post. 

3:40pm – Order myself a Boost Juice because my name is Sarah and along with Andrew and Cassandra – we can all claim a Free Boost today. Fantastic. What an awesome day.

3:45pm – my kids run around wild around the shopping centre whilst I try and buy them sushi. I catch them fighting with pretend swords in the newsagents that they are drawn to every.single.time. 

4:00pm – The kids sit down in the new children’s area to each sushi, I drink my totally awesome 2 & 5 juice and eat two protein balls because I missed lunch.

4:30pm – I brave Woolworths with two wired, overtired children who haven’t napped and have been up since the crack of dawn.

4:45pm – I leave with shopping, plus a couple of extra items to lure my kids out of the shops and home.

5pm – Get home. Unload washing etc (you know how its goes) my neighbor knocks to see how my ankle is doing (she’s a nurse) she says it should be strapped and I need an X-Ray. Who has time for this? I text my husband that my foot hurts and if he can cook tonight.  

5:30pm – the kids pull out more toys in an effort to actually put toys away? I fold mountains of laundry. I also check my work email (the part time job). I attempt to make the apartment look half decent emptying bags that still have pack lunches from last Friday in them, load the dishwasher, add an offer on my facebook page, get my daughter ready for bed.

6:30pm - My husband gets home, goes next door to collect my son (I think my neighbour was feeling sorry for me and offered to watch him for a bit). My husband then stays for a beer and comes back half an hour later.

7pm – Start writing this blog, my husband puts the kids to bed.

8:30pm – Reply to all emails from my part time job. Eat the most amazing lamb pizza that my husband made with Hello Fresh ;)

8:55pm – Advertise in one of the Mum’s Facebook groups pages I am part of because its business night.

9pm – Continue in my paid job.

9:30pm – Try and reply to anyone who has emailed me for my dream job (Feel Better Box). Feel guilty that I still haven’t done anything for the 8 week course I have just joined.

10pm – Climb into bed. 

Tuesday will likely be a lot similar, except I’ve nailed the laundry already. Fingers crossed for another order tomorrow morning........


 *Disclaimer - Yes I did check my email/facebook and Instagram more times then I have fingers and toes (this is not mentioned above. Once may have been in the loo. I also may have not answered the phone so I didn't loose my place on my instagram feed. Sorry. Yes I did ask my 4year old daughter to take a photo of me so I could include it on this blog post.