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When I begun my research for the ingredients to my care packages, I asked my friends and family for their recommendations. It was my Mum who pulled out a box of Bosistos Eucalyptus Throat Drops that first introduced me to the brand. After a quick sample they were swiftly added to my cold and flu recovery boxes along with a number of other Bosistos remedies.

You can imagine my surprise when I looked up Bosistos history and realised they were the pioneers of the Eucalyptus trade. They are a National Icon of Australian Business and I would love for you to know their story too, so they kindly answered a few questions for me and sent me the below photos of the owners (Peter & his Daughter) in their beautiful Eucalyptus Plantations:


                                                         Bosistos Eucalyptus Plantation with Owner and Daughter  Eucalyptus Planataion


What is Bosistos well known for?
Bosisto’s is known for its eucalyptus oil.  The iconic ‘Parrot’ brand Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Oil been around for 165 years – that’s older than Vegemite, Rosella, Arnott’s, Australia Post and the Hills Hoist - in fact it was one of Australia’s first over the counter pharmaceuticals, and our first native export.  
When did Bosistos start?
Bosisto’s was established by an English pharmacist called Joseph Bosisto who came over with the first fleet, settled in Melbourne and became obsessed with the area’s beautiful local eucalypts, and all the ways the local indigenous population used the oil and leaves for therapeutic uses.   He discovered a way to ‘distill’ the oil from the leaves and set up Australia’s first commercial plantation and distillery.    
How did the business come about?
FGB Natural Products became the custodians of the Bosisto’s brand back in the early 1970’s.  Peter Abbott and his family are still the current owners to this day (daughter Tegan and son-in-law Henry now run day-to-day operations) and have dedicated their lives to the preservation and advancement of the Australian eucalyptus oil industry.
Since the 1970’s the brand has flourished and grown to include different essential oils including lavender, tea tree and peppermint.  We were the first to introduce essential oils in an aerosol spray format.  There is also a cleaning and laundry range, as well as therapeutic, first aid and cough and cold products.  Joseph Bosisto would be proud that his one small product has become the grandfather to a range including more than 40  (and counting).
Why do people come to you for your product?
Bosisto’s are experts in essential oils.  You don’t stay in business 165 years without having a very good product, and our business has always been adamant we retain the quality Bosisto’s is famous for.  I think we’re also innovative.  We know people want natural essential oil products, but they want them to work, and they want easy to use formats that suit busy lifestyles - that’s what Bosisto’s delivers.
Finally, we’re Australian.  Bosisto’s is 100% Australian family owned and we pour all our profits into growing our Australian eucalypt orchards, and providing employment for more than 100 people at our Melbourne headquarters.
Why is Eucalyptus used in cold and flu remedies?
Eucalyptus Oil is a natural “expectorant” which means it helps loosen mucous congestion, helping clear the chest and make breathing easier.  It also has natural antibacterial qualities and a crisp, refreshing scent which helps clear the nose, and head.  Try it in a bowl of hot water and inhale the vapours and you’ll notice instant relief when you’re stuffed up.  The same quality is in all our eucalyptus cold and flu products, from throat gargles to cough lozenges.
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