Are you going ok?

It's a week dedicated to checking in on those we love.
But how about ourselves?


I think RU OK day is placed exactly where it is in the year because it's around now the year is catching up with us for better or for worse.

Checking in on myself I've been wondering if I'm ok? It's been a bumpy journey this year and I'm not resilient to the retail decline professionally nor the interest rate hikes personally. It leaves me in a strange place mentally.

Professionally I want to fight it and do everything in my bones to push FBB to keep reaching it's targets. Yet on the other hand, I don't work well or efficiently with less to do in this current climate.

Personally I need to get fit, healthy and I need to bring life back into my life. I have only a few summers left before my eldest daughter will be a teenager and wont want to hang out with me. It is an internal battle I'm not sure I'm winning. 

So for this RU OK day I have made a decision for just a small piece of time. I am going to go hard this week before the school holidays and then I'm going to work the 2-3hrs a day that my business currently requires from me for the school holidays. I know in another universe this is someone else's business goals. I'm very lucky. But the cost is, the pain of a surviving business not a thriving business. 

This too shall pass. And I want you to know that no matter who you know or see nailing life. They too have an internal battle they may not be winning. 

How are you going? Are you OK?