Business ideas can be addictive, but making them work is a different kettle of fish

                                                                                                                                                                                   Ideal Gift Hamper      

A few #fails along the way


If you have followed my journey from the beginning you might know that my first business venture was actually making and selling beach wind breaks (I’m honestly not kidding, you can read about it HERE). It was an almost, but more importantly a near miss.


When I stumbled across the idea of selling Get Well Soon Care Packages, it was like meeting the man of my dreams – everything just felt soo right.


However, not everything is so fairy tale in the world of business. And as some ideas work into a growing and sustainable business, other ideas suck balls.


Take for example my seasonal care package. I thought it was the best idea, people always write on my socials how they’d love one of my care packages but no one is going to buy one for themselves right? So how about if I created a seasonal care package where people could treat them selves? I absolutely love seasonal subscription boxes. I currently receive Retreat Yourself Box and Foodies Collective. But do you know how much work goes into these? Ha, me neither until I tried. One of the hardest parts is asking people to sign up. So with a new respect for the subscription box industry I decided to stick to what I’m good at. #fail.


Next bright idea. I have beautiful stock and suppliers, good enough to go in hampers for any occasions especially celebrations. Why don’t I do exactly the same as I did for Feel Better Box but create a business for celebrations and not get well soon. And that part was easy. I did everything the same as Feel Better Box but called the new business Ideal Gift Hampers. And the Hampers were gorgeous.


However, this new business had to muscle in with the big guys on Google and the spend on GoogleAds seemed to outweigh any benefit I was receiving. I have no doubt if I had stuck with it, eventually something might of come of it. But the honest truth, the passion was missing. The time was definitely missing and then my belief in it left me and I realised I needed to give Feel Better Box my all.


Considering I have been in business two years, I have had one successful business, and two failed ideas (not counting the first one before Feel Better Box).


So if you take anything away from this little read, it’s that being an entrepreneur is addictive and being an optimistic go-getter, doesn’t mean every idea and business works out. However, the lessons learned along the way are priceless and as long as you know when to take your lesson and run for the hills, eventually the right ones stick and the new windows and doors start opening for you.


What’s your next bright idea? I have a new one, and I cannot wait to share it with you………


Sarah xx