Feel Better Box is 7 months old!


Kleenex Feel Better Box


I can hardly believe it’s only been 7 months since I started Feel Better Box. I’ve learnt so much, worked with brands I never dreamt would happen and formed partnerships that I truly believe in.

Today we have 9,080 followers on Instagram and 1,180 followers on Facebook – it’s crazy.

Last week Kleenex featured a custom Feel Better Box that gained 2k comments and 2k likes – insane!

I partnered with Mayday Mummy, a type of super nanny service here in Sydney who are on call night or day when that emergency happens. Then I partnered with the charity Smiles2U who prepare care packages when families with children find themselves in A&E. 

I’m trying to find my way through SEO, keywords and great content. Throw in Facebook Ads and marketing. Spice things up with small business competitions such as Spotcap Australia and AusMumpreneur Awards.

And something funny? I’m also trying to finish my children’s book – because if I’m aiming for my dreams, I may as well reach the sky?  

So what is next for Feel Better Box? Finding the furthest possible reach for our brand. I’m working on the ‘how’, I will just have to keep you posted on that one. But I can tell you the why! The why is because I think it’s important that everyone knows there is a care package service out there solely dedicated to helping everyone Feel Better. Whether they struck down with a cold or flu or stressed out and not quite themselves. So many of us are scattered around Australia, far away from close family. I would like the feeling of helplessness to be a thing of the past. There are always ways to help someone Feel Better from afar from now on.