Happy 3rd Birthday Feel Better Box

It all started when we caught a bad cold in 2015…….


And three years later here we are! And I can’t believe the idea choose me! 

From my ‘Original’ Cold and Flu care packages and packing:

Original Feel Better Box Inside old Feel Better Boxes Ribbons for old boxes


To collaborating with VOOST, Kleenex & Bosistos giveaways and many more..

 VOOST Giveaway Kleenex Giveaway  Bosistos Giveaway 


My care packages have changed from what I thought people wanted to send.....

Older Feel Better Box  Old Feel Better Box  Old Feel Better Box


To what people actually want to send……

Thinking of you Hospital Hero 


Our care packages are now in beautiful BRANDED boxes and I’m thrilled you guys love them as much as I do.

New Feel Better Box Branded Boxes Side of Feel Better Box Lots of Feel Better Boxes


We’ve had some competition successes: 

FBB came second in the Spotcap Small Business competition in 2016 you can read about that here.

We then took out second place for Emerging AusMumprenuears Business in 2017.

 Silver AusMumpreneur

We are currently finalists in Koshie’s Australia’s Favourite Small Business Competition (actually you can still vote for us HERE)

 Koshies Australias Favourite Family Business

And Sooo many highs –

- Selling my first care package online in March 2016

- Selling one per week

- Selling one per day

- Selling our first 100 orders in a month (May 2018)

- Selling our first 200 care packages in a month (August 2018)

- Selling our first 50 care packages in a week (October 2018) 

- Paying myself – July 2018

- Working around my daughter going to school and my son at Kinder

- Working with my family who pitch in to get me across the line or cover me when I go on holiday

- Collaborating with awesome businesses!!

- Sending ‘Thinking of you' gifts to high profile people and names I recognise!!

- Helping people from all over the world send care packages within Australia

- Having repeat customers

- Reading and writing all the heart felt messages for the gift cards

- Knowing how much good there is in the world

- Receiving amazing feedback

- Becoming Australia’s go-to business to help their loved ones feel better


Yes there are a few lows along the way, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows:

- Not paying myself for the first 2.5 years….

- ‘That’ one star Google Shopping review….

- ‘Trialling’ a courier service which were totally hopeless and lost my care packages

- Taking my care packages and young children to the post office everyday by 5pm

- Running out of stock.

- Suppliers stopping products or stopping their business all together

And that’s it.


 So this is me, this is us and this is my family. We've all pitched in to help thousands of your loved ones Feel Better. Now how good is that? Cheers to that.

Love Sarah x

     Sarah Willmott  Familyfamily