Happy New Year!

Sarah Willmott - Owner of Feel Better Box 


I feel like the fog is finally lifting and my brain has just kicked into gear. I know, it's the 26th January, it's a bit late! I've been treading water a little, school holidays and working from home.


It took me by surprise that I had just as many orders as usual rather then a slower month as I was expecting. I think this must be a good sign! For the first time since I started Feel Better Box I will have two children at school and actual time to work this year. I cannot wait to see where that will take us and what we can do.


I'm starting to receive orders from friends of people who have sent or received care packages. Actual recommendations. And it's the best feeling.


Last year my *word* was probably survival. Getting through the big move interstate, new schools and pre-schools, renting, buying a house, making friends and feeling settled. All whilst doing the juggling act of drop offs and pick ups, working, caring for children, school holidays (which were a first for our family) and everything else in the mix as I'm sure you all know.


This year my word is *Catch up* which I know is two words..... I'd like to do every single thing on my to-do list that I wished I could get done for Feel Better Box and for myself. I'd like to grow our Feel Better Box services listings, and have the postcards finally printed. I'd like to take an exercise class and feel like I'm not rushing or 'surviving'.


I don't know what 2019 will bring Feel Better Box or my family, but I'm feeling more ready for the year ahead then i've ever done. So let's get cracking!