Happy New Year! A little note on our 2017 Journey

 Sarah Willmott - Feel Better Box Owner

On the first day of 2018, I am feeling a bit nostalgic from the year that passed.

When I started Feel Better Box I could hardly imagine selling more then one care package a week. But as the months went by I would sell one or two more a week. Have you seen that Meme - 'When you buy from a small business someone does a happy dance' this is so very true. 

In June I stopped being employed by someone else, I took the enormous leap into my business instead of it being my side hustle. And that one change gave me the time to show my website the love and changes it needed. Which in turn helped google see my website in a new light. (Google I think I love you).

I realise now that spreading yourself too thin equals dissatisfaction in all areas. Starting and working on your own business is scary and often unimaginable to not have a paid salary from elsewhere to support you. But now I see that when you take that jump and give it your 'all' and plus some - then you really should only be working for yourself and be brave about that. Because you can do it.

With that change came more orders. From 20 a month up to 80 and one month I hit a staggering 98. So you can guess my goal for 2018........

But with little successes and hurdle jumps comes real life. And after a bumpy six months we made the surprise decision in November to pack up our life and move it to Melbourne. I am beyond sad to be leaving my neighbours, friends and warm weather who have been like family to us here. But I am super excited for the new adventure our life brings. It's not everyday you get to pack up and start a fresh and a new beginning - do over your life and hopefully make it better. It is with a heavy heart I say farewell, but gosh isn't it nice to look back at a period of your life and know how happy it was. 

So hello 2018, it is nice to be here and I look forward to what you have in store for us. I have bigger dreams and bigger goals then ever before which is something I never imagined I would have.