Heart Centered Business

Everything I do is from the heart

In each circumstance that happens within running my business I ask myself if the boot was on the other foot, what would I like the outcome to be? Would I like to hear back from an enquiry asap? Would I like the problem solved if something was missing from my order? Would I like help tracking a parcel that has gone missing? Would I like a replacement for a missing care package I have paid for? I serve to be the best customer service provider that I would like to recieve myself.

Am I the best business owner I can be? I think maybe not quite. It's likely I will never be rich or sit high on a multimillion dollar empire because I give so much away. As a sender you wouldn't know this and as a receiver you wouldn't know this - only I know this and the person helping me pack the care packages knows..... that when someone writes a little note to seller about why they're sending the gift I'm immediately involved. And I know there is that little something that could make that care package a teansy bit more useful or nurturing. 

If someone is grieving a loss, I tuck a small Rose Quartz heart in. Or a child is in hospital and their parent hasn't left their bed side, I'll add a sleeping eye mask. If someone is sending a care package to themselves, I'll add a pair of Happy Socks to make them smile and know that someone else cares for them too.

I do try hard not to add too many free items all the time, it's quite difficult. I know I am the absolutely right person to run Feel Better Box, but I also know I am the wrong person who'll never be a rich CEO because I gives so much away. 

I feel a tug of love or heartbreak, of hope and strength in all the cards I write. I have been honoured to send nearly 8,000 care packages and every year the number I send more then doubles. 

Yes I run a heart centred business, I hope it's the reason why you choose to send your care packages with Feel Better Box. 

Sarah x