How do you deal with what mornings hold for you?

This morning I noticed a dent in my car at the same time I saw a maggot crawling up on the inside of the window.

I can't even tell you what happened in the 3 hours leading up to this moment in the day. But let's just say it involved pooh that wasn't in the toilet, mashmellos at a time sugar should not be consumed and The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on replay.

At this moment in time I'm just high fiving myself that it wasn't me who dented my car and that when I opened the car door, ten thousand moths didn't fly out.

Once I had distributed my children to their fun filled daycares/preschools of joy. I got home and sat at my laptop. Ahhh to just sit and be still. To be still and just sit. Yeah you get the picture.

But then I started thinking about everything I had to do and my mind start swimming. When I say swimming, I mean water between my ears and there's nothing I could focus on. It's like panic that there is so much to do and so little time. I ended up spending the day 'trying' to swim but ultimately getting nowhere. It feels like such a waste of the day. How can I stop this from happening? Does this ever happen to you?

At 4:30pm I packed up my boxes and left for the post office. Me and half of town. I have trust issues with anything other then Auspost Express Satchels. Today one of the customer service ladies asked me if I had realised that they also sell 1kg satchels. I've been going for nearly a year. Ten whole months. How did I not know this? Oh the money I could have saved. Insert crying eyeballs face.

And then I shut my daughters fingers in the car door. That image will stay etched on my memory forever. Luckily, it could have been a whole lot of worse and when giving her the Dory surprise toy I'd bought her in the post office, her fingers started moving and she forgot why she'd been crying. I was a mess. The daycare lady declined a lift to the train station from me.

So I ordered pizza for dinner and spent the evening catching up on 'some' of the work I didn't get done in the day. So I raise my slice of cheese pizza to tomorrow, and wonder what delights it holds for me.

*photo taken on a Sunday after visiting the beach and bringing home more sand in our undies then should be possible.