How do you know if you should start your own business?


I probably shouldn't be giving advice about starting your own business, as I'm only just starting out! However, in my opinion, it's like that UEFA Euro football advert: if you think about your business, like you think about football, when you're eating, drinking, working, sleeping, on the bus, driving to work, watching TV, talking with your friends, etc. then you should probably give it a go - your business, that is - unless football is your dream! 

Hilariously, if circumstances hadn’t changed, I may never have said these words. Just a few years ago, I was quite happily working for a global accountancy firm as a PA when the rug was whipped from beneath my legs and I was made redundant. I was six months pregnant at the time. Yes, I cried - but now, I am so thankful.

If I hadn't been made redundant, I may never have gone to a Mum Society event, I may never have then found a job with the amazing Jen Dugard, and I would never have attended all the Mum Society events and listened to inspiring mum entrepreneurs sharing their advice on their experiences of starting up new businesses and how they achieved this while juggling the demands and challenges of motherhood.

I think what I'm trying to say is, as one door closes - another one opens. Give what is keeping you awake at night a go. If you live and breathe your business idea like my husband lives and breathes the Euro 2016 football, then it would be sad to not at least try to make your dream a reality.