Introducing Beau Bright

 Beau Bright Fresh Coffee Candle 

Sometimes I think ideas can take a little while to warm up. If I was going to give you one piece of advice today, it is to put that idea that you don’t love on the cooker and let it bubble away on a low heat. At the right time, you can take it off and make something happen. 


My husband has been suggesting I make my own candles for nearly a year now. And my response was, where could I find the time whilst having two children at home and a business to run.


The crossroads came when my bath teabag supplier stopped making her beautiful bath teabags and body scrubs. The idea of making my own candles was bubbling away and bam, suddenly I needed a new body scrub and bath soaks.


I guess this was the push I needed. And why not?


I have always loved the name Beau, my daughter’s middle name is Beau (alas my husband didn’t love enough for a first name) and my son’s middle name is Bowie. So I decided to call my new business Beau Bright - Bright for the bright side of life. The cup half full, the optimistic in my soul and the young person who lives inside my ageing body (honestly, I feel like I never left my twenties). One day I will look as cool again.


Since Beau Bright came along, I have researched, learned, practiced, absorbed everything I possibly could about getting everything right. From the packaging to the ingredients, temperatures, essential oils, scents and colours. I basically took everything I loved and threw it in. Why not? I know if I loved it, you would too.


I have been dreaming about a brand that can take you away from today and either help you reminist the good times and summer holidays or inspire you to make that booking and take yourself away for your next adventure. I am all about life’s too short; you can’t take it with you kind of living.


If you are curious, then hop on over to my new baby website and maybe treat yourself to a candle or two, or better that, a pamper bundle, because lifes too short right?


Visit Beau Bright for beautiful scented candles, bath soaks, lip balms and body scrubs