Introducing Joode Socks


Joode Socks have arrived!

It's been no secrete that our supplier has stopped supplying in Australia and we've struggled to source socks. It has also been a royal pain in the you know where.

For the past year I've been looking and trying to find an appropriate sock brand that is luxury and looks lovely in our care packages. It's been tricky. There are some really lovely sock brands in Australia, however often the quality or the colour palette just doesn't match what we're trying to achieve. We need to stock socks that can suite all walks of life - young & the old. 

And in the end, I threw in the towel and just decided to create my own. It was an idea my husband has been floating for a very long time. I sell so many socks, as they are the gift that keeps on giving, they also make a wonderful cheer up or get well gift. 

It's taken almost a year, pandemic and all. However my new socks are here, they have arrived and they are being added to each of our care packages. I named the brand Joode and they are everything I wished more and more.

Soft, luxurious and fun. Tonned down colours and designs that I hope all people who receive them will love. There has been a whole lot of love that has gone into them, that is for sure. Designed in Australia and Manufactured in Turkey, our socks are the socks that you sort through your drawers to find each day. 

If you'd like to check them out, their on our Extra's page or you can visit our website: