It’s been two weeks


And so much has changed for all of us. As for me and my small business, things have taken a turn for the extraordinary. It’s like I’ve spent the last four years building up to this horrendous moment in time.

I am sending care packages to family members who cannot get home to their home countries. Teenagers quarantined on their own in hotels. Young people suddenly find themselves in the same four walls. Old people doing the same and doing it tough. New mums at home, without her tribe of support.

Every day I see people’s mental health quiver and shake. I’ve been brought to tears knowing that someone has been given two months to live and that will be in isolation. I’m still sending care packages to those who are sick, recovering from an illness or accident.

But now I’m sending so much more love and strength. Now more then ever people need a hug in a box. And I find my little business in the centre bridging the gaps that people are feeling.

I’ve never sent so many care packages in my life. I’d never dreamt that my little service could bring help so many people in such a short period of time.

I’m working every waking minute of everyday. I have 5,000 new boxes arriving next week and suddenly that’s not enough. I have corporate orders from companies I never dreamt I would work with. I’m stunned and thrilled and overwhelmed that in this short period of time Australian has lent on me.

Sarah x