Love from a distance

 Feel Better Box Care Packages help bridge the gap of distance

Australia is a big place and we are scattered across it, far and wide. We often live thousands of kilometres away from our loved ones. Long distance relationships and friendships are increasingly common. People move away for work, children move interstate for university and life gets in the way of us being with those we care about. Love from a distance is a growing phenomenon and it is the reason Feel Better Box exists. We are passionate about bringing people together, no matter how wide the geographical gap between them may be. Today, we explore the good, the bad and the ugly of long distance love.

Why it could be good for you:

When you are in the midst of another long-haul bus trip or flight, long distance love can feel lie a life sentence. You desperately miss your friend, your family member or your significant other.

But, there are benefits to being separated from loved ones.

A sign of good things to come

Moving to a new place signifies change. A change in job, a change of lifestyle, a new relationship or a new business venture. These are all good things which many people didn't have access to a few decades ago. Globalisation means that pursuing career progression or personal goals which draw us away home from is possible. So, next time you're tired of Skype calling your far away loved one, remember the opportunities being where they are gives them.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

According to a study done in 2015 by the Journal of Communications, long distance couples have more meaningful interactions than those who see each other every day. This leads to increased intimacy and loyalty. The same thing goes for platonic long distance relationships. When you don’t have the privilege of regularly spending time with your friends or family, the time you are given is treasured.

Time for growth

Despite the affection we may feel for our family or friends, we all need time away from each other in order to personally grow. Moving away from home pushes people to challenge themselves and move outside of their comfort zone. Hopefully, when they come back, they are an even better version of themselves.

When it sucks:

Despite some of the benefits of long distance love, we all know how much it can suck. Loneliness and disconnection can seep in when you go long periods of time without seeing your loved ones.


One of the worst parts of long distance reality is being disconnected from the other person’s day to day life. You don't know what they had for dinner, who they talk to or how work was. You go from being side to side every day to seeing each other when you can afford to.

Missing big events

When you live thousands of kilometres away, sometimes you can’t make it to the big events in one another’s lives. Weddings are missed, graduations are missed, promotions are missed and birthdays are missed. This puts a strain on relationships as milestones fly by unnoticed.

The distance blues

In our opinion, the worst part of not living near by the people you care about is not having the ability to comfort them when things go wrong. When they get sick, they are left to fend for themselves. Hospital visits can be lonely and scary without the comfort of family or friends. When something goes wrong at work or school it can be overwhelming to deal with alone. When a relationship ends or personal troubles strike, we need our loved ones close by. But, when you live a long way away, this is not always possible.

What you can do

In this day and age, love by distance is not impossible. There are solutions available for all your issues. Your time apart can be one of personal growth and increased intimacy, instead of loneliness. Here are our top tips for making long distance relationships, platonic or otherwise, work.

1. Use technology to your benefit. FaceTime and Skype exist for a reason. Instagram and Facebook allow us to follow each other’s daily lives. Use these tools to strengthen your connection.

2. Schedule a time to talk. Work out the best time each week to have a long phone call or FaceTime session. Then, stick to the schedule.

3. Write a letter. Take it back to simpler times with some letter writing. This is a real act of love and can be a great way to reach out and show affection in a different way.

4. Make big events a priority. Ahead of time, work out when things are happening. Try to align your visits with important events. Birthdays are a great time to catch up.

Feel Better boxes

Our biggest tip is to send a Feel Better box! We designed this innovative solution especially for those who are separated from their loved ones. We have Winter Warmer Boxes, Cold and Flu Hampers, Baby Care Packages, Hospital Boredom Beaters and many more. There is a box for every occasion. Whether someone is sick, having a bad day or just in need of a pick-me-up, we have a box you can send them. Boxes are delivered the very next day and are a beautifully packaged sentiment. They are a practical way to express your care. When distance becomes too much, Feel Better Boxes are here to help.