My Hospital Experience

Happy New Year, How did your New Year Start?

Hopefully nothing like mine... At the beginning of this year I got to feel the full effects of my own business because I found myself in hospital with appendicitis. Now, I have managed to avoid this occurence for 39yrs 11mths which I feel has been quite the lucky streak. 

What made me feel better in Hospital?

Other than the amazing nurses and doctors, I knew exactly what I needed and for my husband to bring.

- Eye mask

- Travel bathroom items

- Socks

- Colouring calm

- Headphones were very high on my list. Trying to sleep in a hospital during the day is like sleeping at the shopping centre, it was epic.

Something surprising

What I was surprised about and didn't expect was the level of tiredness and lack of energy I would feel. I realised my time in hospital was small but my recovery time at home was far longer. I literally just sat or laid down on the sofa for days. And when I got sick of watching TV I coloured in whilst listening to the TV or reading my book. 

Sending a care package does matter.

My appendix departure made me realise what a difference I have been able to make on so many. Because it does help, every little bit helps in someone's time of need. 

I do hope your year didn't start off as bumpy as mine, but if you know someone who did, please know sending a care package makes the world of difference, even if it is there for when they arrive home from the hospital