Starting 2018 with a few changes

Owner of Feel Better Box and her family and their new change


It is said that a change is as good as a holiday. And well, much of 2018 has been about changes. We have packed up our home in Sydney and moved to Melbourne for a fresh start. My eldest child is starting school this year and my youngest is starting four year old kinder. The school stuff was basically what promted our move.


When we made the decision to up sticks and move interstate in November 2017 – the first thing I did was change the flooring which we’d never liked, buy a new sofa and put beautiful pictures on the wall. Why is it that we lived in the ‘just ok’ when we could have spent a little money but loved the apartment so much more? I know everyone does it to sell but gosh – six years ago we could have done it. At least all the new soft furnishings and bedding, new sofa and pictures are coming with us. It has made me change my way of thinking about making things more homely and not just ‘make do’. How did we even fall into this lull?


Another lull I realise I fell into was the lack of walking I did – or exercise in general. I use to do plenty when my children were babies, but then I bought a car and the walking stopped. That was three years ago and three knickers sizes later (I judge my size by my underwear – don’t you?). Since I’ve been in Melbourne I’ve walked along the beach (it’s incredibly long and flat bayside) every morning. It’s beautiful and addictive and the best start to the day.


But gosh I was so sad to leave Sydney. All those beaches and coastal walks I didn’t take advantage of enough. All my friends I didn’t hang out with enough.


So changes, they made me beyond sad with a heart so heavy it made me feel sick. But changes bring light to places I didn’t realise needed improvement also. Life takes sudden jerky turns – and with them brings big regrets. But I feel graced to have been given the lesson to make the most of everything beautiful and live as full as possible.


They say you cannot choose your family. But whilst I lived in Sydney those six years I didn’t have any family in the same state, so the people I chose as friends became the best family I could ever ask for and for that I am forever grateful.


Whatever changes 2018 brings to your lives, I hope you take heart from mine that as scary as they are or seem - good perspective comes hand in hand also. 


Take care,

Sarah x