The Best Fun Socks to Send as a Gift

It's no secret we love adding fun socks to our care packages. Socks are the gift that keeps on giving. Every time your giftee finds their gifted socks in their sock drawer, they are reminded of the person who sent them and feel loved.

Many of our care packages already have Joode socks added because we feel a fresh pair of socks when you're feeling poorly is a great addition to a gift aimed at helping you to feel better. We have a number of ways to add fun socks as gifts - either in the care package themselves - for example HERE in our best selling care packages.

Or as add-ons to customise your care packages on top of pre-ensembled care packages or you can completely customise your gift from the extras page HERE.

And Finally, why not go all out and send a friend cheer up gift in the form of a full gift box of socks HERE.

Something very new we have just added to our store are Kids fun socks. Perfect for adding to children's care packages. We have not added them direct into kids care packages because of the sizing is much wider. We have 5-6yrs, 7-8yrs and 9-10yrs. Plus the 36-40 fit preteens and teenagers if not 41-46 already. 


If you are ever looking where to buy fun socks, we always say look no further than Joode