We launched, we grew and now we are two! 

                                                               Silver Award for Emerging AusMumpreneur Award 2017 for Feel Better Box

Hip Hip Hurray – we are here to make your day!

In two years we have sent out nearly 750 care packages to people like me and you who in our time of need have been gifted a parcel to raise our spirits and help us feel better.
Nothing makes me happier than to have founded this business and to send love and care to bridge the gap of distance.

When I look back to the day I had the idea of selling 'get well soon gifts' online, it felt just right. I had no idea if it would sink or sail, all I knew was I had to give it a try.
Knowing nothing about online sales and running my own business – I decided to do just that. There was clearly a steep learning curve, one in which I am still on today. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I don’t think I have a friend in Australia who hasn’t sent one of my care packages. And for that I am truly humbled.
In 2016 I came second in the SpotCap small business awards and in 2017 I won silver for Emerging AusMumpreneur Awards. A trophy I sleep next to every night……..
I look to the future and I hope every year I can help more people in Australia Feel Better. I love all aspects of running my business and I hope it shows.

Last month I launched Ideal Gift Hampers, because running a business can become addictive. Doors open, Ideas flourish and Dreams get bigger and better. I wrote a little blog on the new member of our family for you to read HERE.