What is the perfect gift for a new mum to be?

Unique New Mum and Baby Care Package gift

Are you attempting to buy THAT Perfect new Mum/Baby gift for a colleague, Baby Shower or Sister in-law? I have the answer you need! A care package!

Once new baby arrives - imagine being in the throws of 2 hours of sleep per night and not sure whether you showered yesterday or was it the day before yesterday? We call this time of life as ‘being in the trenches of Motherhood’. Her poor nipples are cracked to buggery, her babies beautiful bottom is suddenly red and angry, her newborn babies skin is cracked like the sahara and he's crying relentlessly from trapped wind. She’s exhausted, she doesn’t know what she needs, she doesn’t know what brands to trust – she doesn’t know where to turn. All she needs is nipple relief, a happy baby and sleep.

This is where your amazing care package comes in. You have got her covered. You’ve done the research for her. All she has to do is reach for the natural Nappy Balm, or the edible Udder Cream. If baby is suffering a bit of Colic – you’ve packed a natural remedy in there too. If baby is in the 1% of babies to get a tooth in their first month – you’ve thought of that too with a safe and soothing remedy. You’ve also packed a good quality swaddle that will help cocoon baby for a snug sleep. And the peace d’resistance? A toy that baby will love and buy Mum enough time for a shower. All she wants to do is wash her hair and not smell like baby vomit. You are treading on legendary territory here, you should watch your step. 

And that is why giving a care package is the perfect new Mum and baby gift. Because your gift is there in her time of need. And she’ll thank you every day for giving it. 

If you love this idea but haven’t really got the time to research and pack the care package – I have one here that I made earlier.