What to buy someone in Hospital?


It is not every day you receive the call to say your loved one or colleague is in Hospital. But when you do, the first thing many think about is – ‘I need to do something.’ Often they immediately order some flowers or plan a visit. But what do you bring along with you as a gift to a hospital? Grapes? Flowers? Magazines. And I think yes, why not? Oh, well the problem is if Uncle Jimmy, Aunty Tina, Pat the Neighbour, Frank the partner and the team from work have all done the same……..


From my experience in Hospitals, a few things stand out to me.


  1. They’re often cold when you are sitting in bed for a thousand hours
  2. You get really dry lips from the aircon after a while
  3. It’s like a groundhog day everyday
  4. You yern for something, anything that is an alternative to hospital food & drinks
  5. You need a shower but you don’t have any toilettries with you
  6. You’re exhausted by 11am and need a nap but the lights are so bright
  7. You have a mountain of time to reflect and do things you never ever make time to do, like adult dot-to-dot, colouring in, rummy
  8. You look up podcasts
  9. You think about getting a tattoo with a new life motto
  10. You would appreciate a good read to take you far far away


If you suddenly found yourself bed bound and ipad/tv free – what would you like to do or would make you feel comfortable? Because my guessing is that your loved one would feel just the same too.


Everyone finds themselves in hospitals for different reason and varying severity. We all hope we never do, I think that is why we are all so eager to help a friend or loved one who does find themselves in hospital. So if this week you need to help a friend or loved one feel better – think about my list above and pack a care package suitable. Or you can of course order one from Feel Better Box right here.