When an opportunity turns into a life lesson


I have been a little quiet on the social media/ blog/ emails/ newsletter front. It was because I took up an opportunity that arouse.

My good friend calls me up out of the blue and says her tax accountant is swamped and needs a full time PA but maybe I could help her in between? And I thought, sure – why not? Local, hours around my children’s preschool and my business. Seems too good to be true. What could possibly go wrong?


Bitten off more then I could chew…

Too many balls up in the air…..

Something has got to give…..


In this one 4 week period I almost doubled my sales because I’ve had the least amount of time to wrap my care packages before sending them 3 days a week. Isn’t that sods law? I was wrapping care packages at night, first thing in the morning before getting the children up and out for preschool then before picking the children up from preschool.

By the end of the week, I had nothing left in the tank. I was all steamed out. I started getting anxious; my stress levels went through the roof. I was exhausted. I was anxious about going to work, I was anxious about all the work I needed to do for my beloved business. And to add something else in the mix, I had also planned to launch a new business (Ideal Gift Hampers) – which did happen.  

One thing I learnt during this craziness is how much I never ever want to work for someone else again. It broke my heart to not to keep up with my business. I still feel awful that I haven’t caught up yet.

And in true sods law style, my first week fully back into my business and I had Gastro all week.

So this week I have a to-do list bigger then you could imagine. But I cannot wait. I am so excited to tackle it head on, knowing that it is for me, for my business and I don’t have to answer to anyone. It now fuels my passion like I never realised it could.  

I never dreamt I would be running a business. And now two. But I find myself here and I know in my bones it’s what I was meant to do. I learn lessons every day, I am teaching my children every day and even taking on unexpected opportunities that give me new lessons too.

When that opportunity comes knocking, except it. It might work out to be the opposite to what you expect. But that’s the beauty of it. It gives you an unexpected perspective and that’s the best opportunity of all.  

Now please excuse me, there is probably an email I’ve received from you that I need to reply to……