When you don’t even realise your business has turned 1!

Feel Better Box turns One!


Perhaps that’s a sign? I received two messages on LinkedIn saying congratulations. And I thought to myself ‘what far?’ and upon investigation realised my third child (my business) had turned one. Who Knew? Well at least LinkedIn did! I’d like to point out here, I’m a much better mother who remembers my actual children’s birthdays, but this could be because for 365 days a year they talk about their birthdays/birthday parties / party bags/ birthdays cakes – you get the picture.

So I feel obliged to myself and my labor of love to list the things I take away from this year of growth, development, madness and joy. 

  1. Under pricing is fine for the first 9months. I tell myself this because it makes me feel better. However I have learnt my lesson and now I almost make a profit. I am happy with break even.
  2. I have sent (mainly since May) over 120 Care Packages, meaning I helped 120 people smile and feel better and feel loved.
  3. Small business Competitions and Facebook competitions are awesome, even if you manage to run one without actually realising it…… (I need to make my facebook posts a little clearer).
  4. Building relationships with suppliers makes me feel part of a ‘greater team’ despite never having met any of my suppliers.
  5. If you use Auspost’s Express Post satchels, make sure you ask fro ALL the options or face paying extra $$$’s for your ignorance.
  6. Couriers, shipping, Auspost Business accounts are still mind-fields, I may never truly know the best shipping option and how to print the label….
  7. Your best mates and husband have the BEST ideas and when trouble shooting, they give you the wings and the ‘thinking outside the box’ ideas you sometimes do not realize you don’t have.
  8. Your business model changes from the start of it’s existence to it’s second year in business (mine changes kick off really soon!)
  9. Boxes come and boxes go, but that’s the beauty of testing the market and learning. Some suck and some are best sellers. It surprises me all the time!
  10. My heart feels bigger for trying and my optimism for my next year in business is even greater then it started off. 

People who are part of my team and don’t really realise it:

  1. Australian suppliers (as mentioned above)
  2. Greg the dude in America who I stumbled across via Mr Google and looks after any kind of changes to my website template
  3. Lisa who I came across in Etsy who is based in Sydney and helps me with any design work.
  4. Jen who I work for in my ‘day job’ she’s my weekly dose of inspiration.
  5. The Facebook groups ‘Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine, Mum’s with Hustle, Girl Boss Australia, and Business Remarkables.
  6. Drew, my Ad Words guy who gets excited when our Adwords work!
  7. Mum Society monthly events, if it wasn’t for them, where would I be now?
  8. My fellow gift-boxers, hamper givers, care package senders. We are a team that via’s for your business. But that’s ok. We are all different and so are our clients needs and expectations. 
  9. All the people, friends, family, supporters, strangers who recommend my business in person or tagging me on facebook - they are my groupies and I am truley blessed.

Yes I work alone, I spend many hours working alone, thinking, writing, typing, scribbling and hatching ideas. But I do have my invisible team, I have my nearest and dearest, I have thousands of women ready and willing to give me advice never having met me in my facebook groups, I can find loyal and trust worthy contractors via Mr Google & Etsy and then there’s something deep in my gut that tells me it’s going to work.

So see you this time next year LinkInn anniversary reminder. Hopefully this time, I may have slowed down a little to pay more attention and have a small budget to throw a party and pretend its making up for the launch party small start ups dream of.

Until next year xx


Ps. Photo is when celebrating my Son’s first birthday, its proof I do acknowledge my other children’s birthdays and he’s one so I thought it was suitable and we are wearing party hats!!